EMU - The Fasstcom Terminal Emulator

 EMU is a terminal emulation program that emulates the WANG 2200 and Fasstcom terminals.

This application was developed to fulfill two main requirements:

  1. Replace an old DOS emulation program that was incompatable with Windows.
  2. Implement additional functionality and support extended terminal control codes of the newer Fasstcom terminals.

EMU implements an efficient screen buffering and layering allowing it to draw both text and line graphics quickly and flicker free.

Some of EMU's features are:

  • Fully configurable point and click keyboard mapping
  • Flexible keyboard mapping allowing for known commands, characters, character sequences (macros) and hexadecimal entry.
  • Parses and handles printer information commands
  • ASCII File transfer allowing the transfer of data files through the program.
  • Auto-dialling features
  • Custom font that closely matches the Fasstcom terminal font

EMU - Main Screen 

Screen 1: Main Screen with popup menu

EMU - In action

Screen 2: Shows the processing of both text and line graphics (yellow lines)

EMU - Pre-defined key map  EMU - Character key map  EMU - Pre-defined, Shift+key mapping

Screen 3, 4, 5: Keyboard mapping screen showing various mapping options.

EMU - ASCII File transfer

Screen 6: ASCII File Transfer

EMU - Printer Setup

Screen 7: Printer Setup

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