The following are a selection of projects that have been undertaken by Blue Leaf Concepts.


A Windows application for retail FOREX currency traders that can calculate Lot size, pip values and risk, and integrates with the MetaTrader 4 platform to give you precise calculations. Friscal also has a FOREX trading clock allowing you to better identify peak trading times.

 EMU The Emulator

A Fasstcom and WANG 2200 Terminal emulator for Windows with fast screen drawing, custom font, printer handling, ASCII file transfer and fully customisable keyboard.

BMP Font Editor Icon Bitmap Font Creator and Editor

This application allows users to create and manipulate Windows .FNT and .FON font files with an easy to use point and click user interface.

 Fruit & Vegetable Market Utilities

A number of utilities were commissioned to be written to assist with data processing for various Brisbane Fruit and Vegetable Market Agents.

Text-Screen Designer Text-Screen Designer

A utility was commissioned by Fasstcom Canada to design Fasstcom terminal, text-based screens with a point an click interface which could then be exported to the Fasstcom miniframe machines for use in the main systems.